Secure all your branches in a matter of minutes

Backhaul vs. boxes: Zscaler offers a better alternative.

Rethink your security and network architecture

Zscaler puts a perimeter around the Internet, so you don’t need to put a perimeter around every office. The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform acts as a series of security check posts in more than 100 data centers around the world. By simply redirecting your Internet traffic to Zscaler, you can instantly secure your stores, branches, and remote locations. And, you can say goodbye to expensive branch appliances while slashing your MPLS costs.

With Zscaler, I am able to deploy a more robust internet browsing experience to my end users, at the same time ensuring I have the security and protection of our network that we need.
Rich Littel, Senior Manager - Global Vendor Relations, Johnson Controls

To secure remote locations, you’ve had two difficult choices

Backhaul traffic across expensive WAN connections

When all of your applications resided in the data center, it made sense to backhaul traffic from your remote locations. It was expensive and difficult—and resulted in a slow user experience—but it was necessary for security and compliance.

Zscaler eliminates the need to backhaul traffic across expensive WAN connections

Deploy appliances at all branches

If you didn’t backhaul all your traffic, you’d need to deploy expensive appliances at each remote site. In this scenario, the costs of deploying and managing the boxes offset any savings associated with reducing backhaul costs.

Zscaler's cloud-delivered approach eliminates the need to deploy appliances at all branches

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform is a better choice

With Zscaler, it’s easy to make sure that nothing bad comes in and nothing good leaves.

All you need to do is direct your Internet-bound traffic from your stores, branches, and remote locations to Zscaler and you’re protected. It’s that simple. No matter where your users connect or what devices they are on, Zscaler’s Cloud Security Platform is always inline applying policy and security controls.

The savings are significant. Offloading Internet traffic from the MPLS WAN allows Zscaler customers to cut their MPLS budget up to 80 percent and deliver an improved Internet experience for employees.

Zscaler delivers improved Internet experience through commoditized broadband

Fast user experience and optimized traffic flows using commoditized broadband

Zscaler delivers better security at a lower cost


  • Delivers the same high level of security and compliance across all of your stores, branches, and remote locations.


  • Allows Internet traffic to be routed locally—and securely—without the need for expensive appliances and MPLS connections.

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