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Secure Your Users

Fast, secure, reliable internet and app access from anywhere


Zscaler for Users connects users to applications, applies advanced cyberthreat and data protection policies, and optimizes digital experience for a secure hybrid workforce.

The Zscaler Difference

What sets Zscaler for Users apart?

Seamless zero trust app access

Connect users securely and directly to all apps, workloads, and OT devices without backhauling traffic using firewalls or VPNs

Secure across all stages of an attack sequence

Minimize the attack surface, prevent compromise, eliminate lateral movement, and stop data loss—all from one unified, cloud native platform

AI-powered inline threat protection

Enforce layered, dynamic security controls with integrated AI, honed by 500 trillion daily signals and 300 billion daily transactions

Unified data protection

Leverage AI-driven data discovery and classification; inline and out-of-band DLP and security for data at rest across network, cloud, endpoints, email, workloads, and BYOD

Unmatched speed and manageability

Eliminate point products and complexity with a cloud native, multitenant platform delivering integrated services at the edge via 150 points of presence for a consistent user experience

End-to-end visibility and insights

Ensure great user experiences across all locations, devices, and apps

The Problem

Traditional solutions fail to enable a hybrid workforce

Powering a secure, user-focused hybrid workforce means supporting employees and third parties wherever they work, on whatever devices they use. Today, many point products offer security with limited scope (endpoint vs. network vs. application), and often at the cost of performance.


To enable a modern workforce to securely connect to apps, no matter where they are hosted, IT teams need the tools to rapidly detect and remediate performance issues that threaten employee productivity.

Solution Overview

Jumpstart your security transformation with the full power of the Zscaler platform

Zscaler for Users combines everything Zscaler has to offer to ensure safe, reliable, consistent internet and application access for users and devices.

Secure Internet and SaaS Access

Secure Internet and SaaS Access

Provide users with fast, secure, reliable internet and SaaS access while protecting against advanced threats and data loss.

Secure Private App Access

Secure Private App Access

Connect users seamlessly and securely to private apps, services, and OT devices with the industry’s only next-gen zero trust network access (ZTNA) platform.

Excellent User Experience

Excellent User Experience

Monitor digital experiences from the end user’s perspective to optimize performance and rapidly fix application, network, and device issues.

Solution Details

Stop cyberattacks

Enforce layered, inline, AI-driven security controls enabled by full TLS/SSL inspection and powered by the world’s largest security cloud.

Stop cyberattacks
Key offerings

Advanced Threat Protection

Sandbox for Zero-Day Threat Protection

Deception Technology

Protect data

Defend data from risk with innovative data discovery and protection for data both in motion and at rest.

Protect data
Key offerings

Inline Data Protection (DLP)

SaaS Data Protection (CASB)

Cloud Data Protection (SSPM/CSPM)

Third-Party App Security

BYOD Data Protection (Isolation)

Enable zero trust app access

Connect users to applications—not the network—with dynamic policies that factor in identity, location, context, and risk.

Enable zero trust app access
Key offerings

Third-Party Access (BYOD, VDI Alternative)

Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Optimize digital experiences

Keep users productive with digital experience monitoring that rapidly detects and resolves app, network, and device issues.

Optimize digital experiences
Key offerings

Hybrid Workforce Experience Monitoring

UCaaS Monitoring

SaaS and Private App Monitoring

Leverage zero trust SD-WAN

Enable access in branch and remote locations with a better, simpler connectivity solution.

Leverage zero trust SD-WAN
Key offerings

SD-WAN Partner Integrations

Direct-to-Cloud Connectivity

Microsoft 365 Connectivity Optimization


Secure, simplify, and transform your security architecture

Reduce business risk
Reduce business risk

Apply zero trust principles as well as AI-powered cyberthreat and data protection capabilities to reduce the attack surface, prevent compromise, halt lateral movement, and stop data loss.

Improve productivity
Improve productivity

Enable fast, secure, seamless access to apps for employees and third parties from anywhere, with end-to-end visibility to diagnose performance issues—from device to ISP to cloud proxy to app and back.

Lower cost and complexity
Lower cost and complexity

Eliminate legacy security and networking technology costs, reduce management, and decrease the risk of errors/misconfigurations by consolidating legacy point products including VPNs and firewalls.

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Customer Success Stories
United Logo
Transportation Services / 80,000+ employees / 350+ locations worldwide

United Airlines detects and blocks evolving threats with Zscaler

“[Zscaler has] raised productivity for our employees and improved our security posture, all while reducing cost and complexity.”

—Deneen DeFiore, VP, Chief Information Security Officer

Customer Success Stories
NOV logo
Energy, Oil, Gas & Mining / 27,000+ employees / 550+ facilities

NOV delivers zero trust access with Zscaler

See how this 150-year-old oil and gas equipment company uses Zscaler Private Access to enable zero trust for more than 7,000 apps and 10,000 users.


Customer Success Stories
Agriculture & Forestry / 500+ locations across 40 US states and Ontario

GROWMARK leverages Zscaler and AWS to keep food production secure

“I have not had many IT platforms or projects roll out where I have users just randomly stop me and thank me. But the ZPA rollout was one of those.”

—Eric Fisher, Director, Enterprise IT Systems

Customer Success Stories
Cushman & Wakefield logo
Real Estate Services / 400 offices / 60 countries

Cushman & Wakefield landed secure SD-WAN with Aruba and Zscaler

“With the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, we’re pleased to say that we’ve had no major security events that negatively affected our clients or users.”

—Erik Hart, Chief Information Security Officer

Cushman & Wakefield
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