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Data protection and compliance assurance is harder than ever

The move from applications residing in the data center to a digital business model in the cloud has led to the widespread adoption of SaaS and public cloud applications. The side effect is that data is now widely distributed and extremely easy to inadvertently expose as the control of this data becomes distributed as well. This makes visibility of data exposure and compliance difficult if not impossible to ensure with legacy offerings.

The challenge of data protection in a cloud world

Data is everywhere

Data is everywhere

Data is spread across clouds, SaaS, on users’ devices and in the data center.
Data is encrypted

Data is encrypted

Connections to applications are encrypted and data exposure is largely hidden.
Compliance is unknown

Compliance is unknown

Application deployment and usage are spread across locations and groups making unified assurance impossible.
Visibility is siloed

Visibility is siloed

Separated tools that are siloed across teams make the true impact of data exposure unknown across the organization.

Zscaler Data Protection & Compliance

Complete data protection and compliance assurance

Zscaler data protection follows your users and the applications they are accessing, always protecting you against data loss. Zscaler inspects your traffic inline, encrypted or not, and ensures your SaaS and public cloud applications are secure, giving you the protection and visibility you need. The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform was built with compliance in mind, offering you an essential tool for complying with all major regulations and making data protection painless.

What can our data protection platform do for you?

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Provides visibility and remediation across applications and locations to ensure that data access and usage match the organization's policy.
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Enables organizations to securely adopt and govern the use of multiple SaaS applications providing real-time visibility and control of access and user activity.
Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Provides configuration monitoring and mitigation for public cloud service providers (AWS and Azure) and SaaS applications, as well as compliance reporting and violation remediation.
Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Prevents the exfiltration of IP and other confidential data from business-critical applications by separating users from the web applications.

What makes our data protection platform unique?

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform provides unified data protection capabilities for internet, data center, and SaaS applications, and ensures that configurations in public cloud applications match best practice standards to prevent data exposure and maintain compliance.

Unified protections
- Unified protections – Zscaler Cloud Data Protection policy follows users to provide consistent security while delivering the same level of protection for data in motion across locations and unified data-at-rest protections across SaaS and public cloud applications.
Full SSL inspection of all traffic
- Don’t settle for partial traffic inspection. Around 70% of outbound traffic is encrypted and thus not subject to inspection by traditional DLP solutions. Zscaler, a proxy by design, doesn’t have the capacity limitations of appliances and inspects all SSL traffic.
Compliance reporting and remediation
- Enables unified visibility and control across SaaS and public cloud application deployments, measuring their configurations against 14 different compliance standards and providing visibility into compliance violations and automating remediation.
Elastic scale with inline enforcement
- Zscaler sits inline so it can block sensitive information before it leaves your network—instead of being limited to damage control after data has been compromised. Zscaler 100% cloud services are user-based, not capacity-based, so your data protection scales elastically with performance guaranteed by SLAs.
Fully integrated platform service
- Roll out data protection in minutes, not months. No architectural changes are needed to implement Cloud Data Protection because it is part of the fully integrated Zscaler platform of security services, eliminating the need to stand up and maintain point products.

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